Saturday, January 22, 2011's January

The calendar says January 22, 2011.  I seem a little obsessed with time these days, I'm not sure why.  Maybe I feel that time is the only gift that I can not afford to put on a shelf and pick up later.  I guess being middle aged will do that to a person.  So, I will try this year to make the most of those precious know the ones that make up the happy times, the sad times, the frustrating times, the peaceful times and the all around everyday events that I call, life!

I've started the year by reading Joseph Princes' Destined to Reign book.  Wow...there are some very powerful and thought provoking statements in this book.  But I feel that this is a very important time for me to take hold of the goodness of God and let him lead me through troubled to the still waters that await. This year has already brought some challenges and I am embarking on a new lifestyle.  This is not because I love healthy food...although someday I hope to be able to say that.  It's because...well...because of the challenges.

I am looking forward to 2011 with great anticipation and with a little apprehension.  I believe this is the year that my children will make some very important decisions regarding their futures.  I believe this is the year that I will make some very important decisions regarding my future.  I believe this is the year I will see a breakthrough in some of the things I have been dealing with the last 2 years.  I am well aware that when you are on the verge of breakthrough, that is when opposition is the strongest.

Lord help me to live the life you planned for me.  A life of freedom and victory.   A life of peace, love and joy in the Holy Ghost.