Sunday, August 11, 2013

All My Yesterday's

In just a few weeks I will "celebrate" my 50th birthday.  I guess it's a milestone of sorts; to some it's depressing to turn 50 to others it's exciting and fun.  I happen to find myself in the middle of those two ends of the spectrum.  If I felt well and if I looked a little better, I might think that 50 wasn't bad at all.  But since I have not always taken care of myself, I happen to feel 50, and it's not always good.

But actually there is a bigger, more important milestone approaching in my life.  One week after my 50th birthday, will be my 30th wedding anniversary! That is a much bigger deal in my opinion.  I probably feel that way because my parents were barely married 5 years when they divorced.  At some point in my blogging life I may decide to write about how that effected me, but not now. :)

I have been going through old photos and scanning them in to my computer because I'm working on a remembrance video to show at our little anniversary party.  I've always loved old photographs and now I know why...they tell the story of all my yesterday's.  Of course I don't have a picture of every yesterday, but I have a lot of pictures and they have brought back a lot of memories over the last week.  Some photos are of days that I will always remember because they were special, happy times, but some of them only remind me of how life has changed over the last decade and how many faces I don't see anymore.  Nonetheless, this is a time to celebrate, and so I will.

I celebrate the fact that in 30 years I have never once seriously thought about ending my marriage.  In 30 years I have never planned a day that didn't include being a wife.  I have never felt that I married too young or that I missed anything by being completely devoted to one man my whole adult life.  I'm thankful that out of my 50 years here on Earth, most of my yesterdays were spent loving one man and knowing that he loved me.

The Lord has blessed us with a long and happy marriage and this means more to me than money, houses, cars or careers.


                                                "Bo and Pam"     Est. September 13th, 1983