Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thanksgiving is just around the corner...then of course Christmas will be just around the corner.  My, where has the time gone?  Time and life are just flying by it seems.  Even when we slow down and try to enjoy things...we hear the calendar nagging in our ears that the days are passing swiftly. 

Bo and I have been talking lately about being old and specifically about being passed middle aged.  Yes, at 47, I realize that over half of my life is gone.  Then I start to think about my mother.  She died at age 64.  Just 17 years older than I am now.  We have no promise of tomorrow so enjoying the day should be a priority.  Loving and helping people is a wonderful way to make the most of each day. 

God help me to remember to be thankful for and enjoy each day. 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fear and Faith

Wow..I'm not keeping up well with the blog thing but this morning is the perfect time to put my thoughts...and fears in black and white and let them go!

This has been an emotional week with a few glimmers of hope and peace sprinkled amongst the shadow of fear and tragic memory.  I have looked back with regret and looked forward with anxiety.  I have felt the peace of God and the panic of doubt.  I have traveled the road of memory and chances lost. what?

Do I wallow in self-pitty and regret or move forward...leaving the past behind?  Do I allow the awesome, powerful, terrifying, transfigured Christ to beckon me to higher heights and deeper faith?  Or do I allow despair to swallow me because of paralyzing fear?

My heart is moving forward as my mind is racing backward.  My comfort is leaning on the everlasting arms, yet my fingers seem just out of reach of the hem of His garment.  This too shall pass and I WILL move on to deeper a testimony that firmly shows that in my greatest times of sorrow and fear...I kept on trusting.  My testimony is that doubt and fear did not destroy my did not even weaken my faith.  My faith has conquered my fear.  This is how we overcome...even our faith!