Monday, February 28, 2011

Another Monday

This Monday is a bit different from other Mondays.  I could write about another death in the extended family. (got the phone call last night, as a matter of fact) But in truth there is nothing we can do for this man.  He is gone and he leaves behind a grieving family.  He had a rough life, a life full of drama and drugs and disappointment.  Such a tragic way to live and die and my heart is broken for his family.

So...I think it's best to take this strange Monday and learn something.  First, don't take anything in life for granted...anything and everything can change in an instant.  Second, take time to be compassionate to others...even those who have exhausted your patience and compassion.  And third, God can take care of the changes in your life and the people who have exhausted remind them that they are loved and that God's plan for them is a future with hope.

Lord help me to love more and judge less.  Help me to see others as you see them. Help me to reach out...for your kingdom's sake. Amen

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