Sunday, November 18, 2012

True Thankfullness (keepin' it real y'all)

Well, another Thanksgiving is upon us and I'm not only contemplating the meal, but the season.  First Thanksgiving, then Black Friday shopping, then Christmas, then of course the New Year.  This year seems like a blur, to be honest; I can't believe that it has gone so fast. Of course, I'm thankful for life and health and family and the confidence I have in knowing that God is for me, but to be honest this year and even this Christmas season has brought challenges that have distracted me from just how much God loves me.

No Christmas bonus at work this year means that our Christmas money is no where near what we usually have to spend.  I haven't accomplished most of the goals I challenged myself with this year and many of the prayers I have longingly prayed have still been answered with silence or wait.  Waiting...not my favorite thing to do.  Yesterday I found myself feeling a little sorry for my predicament, then one simple picture brought me back to me senses.


This picture was in my Facebook news feed.  A couple from my church has given up houses and cars and incomes to go to Kenya to serve people who truly face some of life's most difficult circumstances.  Those who are broken and hurting, those who are poor and sick, those who are hungry physically and spiritually.  As I starred at this picture I wept with conviction.  Smiling faces, hands raised high, giving praise to the Lord God Almighty.  I am so thankful for this picture and for Greg and Sherri Howard and their love for God and His precious people.  How can I focus on myself, when I see this beautiful picture of worship that is undoubtedly offered in spirit and in truth, just what our Father is seeking.

The truth is that serving God is not about things or even answered prayers, it is about knowing who I am and trusting God to supply what I need and to work things for my good. The truth is that I AM BLESSED! Lord, help me to walk in thankfulness every day, and to keep my eyes on you!

For Your lovingkindness is before my eyes, And I have walked in Your truth. Psalm 26:3


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  1. It's amazing how quickly God can change our perspective on a situation with something as simple as a picture and a gentle nudge to the heart. Loved this post and the reminder of how blessed I am. Thanks for sharing!