Wednesday, October 6, 2010


I simply don't understand why some things happen.  I got some very sad news tonight that a precious lady from church is in the valley of shadow of death.  She is a sweet woman who I know wanted to live.  She wanted to win her battle with cancer.  She wanted to be here for many more years to enjoy her friends and family.  But...maybe it's not meant to be...maybe this is one of the things I will never understand.  I trust God..that is the bottom line.  If she doesn't make it...I still trust Him.  After all the death beds I have stood by, I have accepted that I will not understand everything that happens.  God has not promised me understanding...he has promised me peace and comfort.

Lord, help me to rely on you and you alone.  My understanding is so frail and so fragile.  I am subject to emotion and worry, but you are the giver of life and peace and comfort.  Help me to lean not on my own understanding...but to acknowledge you in everything...and you will carry me through.  Amen

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