Monday, April 18, 2011

I'm singing...I'm in the choir and I'm singing!

I can hardly believe that it's been more than a year since I sang with the worship team at CLC.  Wow, what a year it has been!  This time last year, we were wondering where God would lead us and where our next home church would be.  It was so hard to see the church people we loved scattered to one place or another.  Now I can say that God's plans were to grow us all.  He has given Mike and Leah a wonderful place to call home and they are being used to help Richard and Andrea do what God has called them to do. what am I to do?  Well, this week I will make my debut with the choir!  For nearly 10 years I found my church "identity" in being on the worship team.  I held a microphone and tried to lead the congregation in worship every Sunday morning.  I'm not the best singer in the crowd, but there was always a place for me.  I was always expected to be there early and to be ready to lift the name of Jesus.  The past year I have been a spectator....and it's been nice to sit back and enjoy the wonderful music at CFM.  Now my time has come...I have joined the choir and we will be singing for the Resurrection service on Sunday.  I'm excited and a bit nervous...I hope my voice holds out.  It seems a little weak after not singing much for the past year. 

I think the best thing that has come of taking a break from singing, is that I appreciate it more now.  I appreciate the CFM worship team.  I appreciate their hearts and their commitment to God. And I now realize that my "identity" is not found in singing.  My identity is found when I lift up holy hands and join with the congregation in praise to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He sees me whether I am holding a mic and standing on the platform, or standing in the pews in the midst of the congregation.  I am a matter where I stand.  I am called to proclaim the goodness of God, no matter who knows my name and who doesn't.  I know who I am....I AM HIS!

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  1. I love it! Beautifully stated. Today I heard "Here I am to Worship" - such a terrific song, and I hadn't heard it in forever - and now will always think of you, too, when I sing it! Thanks for sharing.