Sunday, April 10, 2011

A refuge for my children

What an eventful couple of weeks we have had around here.  My children have been diving head first in to making big decisions.  Business trips, new jobs, new cars and even an engagement!  WOW!

It's hard to believe that the babies that I once held, are now adults.  It's hard to believe that the toddlers whose hands I held so tightly to keep them from danger, are now fully capable adults.  It's hard to believe the children who came to me with homework problems, are now smarter than I am.  It's hard to believe that the teenagers who kept me busy with activities are now leaving me behind as they create lives of their own.

It's times like this when I ask myself if I've done enough...if I've done too much.  I know that as they were growing up, I trusted God to help me raise them.  We publicly dedicated them both to the Lord when they were babies as a sign of our total dependence on God to help us care for the gift he had blessed us with.  I have spent countless hours caring for my children...and now I must trust Him that He will keep them as they begin their adult lives. 

I came across this scripture today that seemed to sum up my complete confidence in God and His plan for my children. Proverbs 14:26 Those who fear the LORD are secure; he will be a place of refuge for their children.

I have raised my children in the reverential awe of God; in the fear of the Lord.  I have trusted Him to be the perfect teacher when I have failed.  As our lives and roles change, I will also trust Him to be their refuge. 

Thank you Lord for being a helper, a friend and a refuge for my children. Amen.

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