Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Looking back...looking forward

We are preparing for Dad and Dana's 40th anniversary.  My job today has been to pick up some things for decorating (which I love) and go through some old photos for a DVD we are having made for them.  I'm also a bit overwhelmed with trying to help Enrique get a new loan for his house.  I need this to be done so that my mom's estate can be settled.  This is where my past and my present and my future collided tonight.  As I planned for the party and I fretted over all of the paperwork I need to take care of for Enrique, I also took a couple of hours and revisited days gone by. 

The photos were a keen reminder of days and years that are no more.  A reminder of family members who have gone on to heaven...a sad reminder that they are deeply missed.  A reminder of the days when I carried my children in my arms...they no longer sit on my lap but they are even more in my thoughts and prayers as they begin lives of their own. 

It was a busy day...and a sad day as well.  Looking back at times and people that are gone forever.....and looking forward to happy events and the fulfillment of dreams and plans.  Lord help me to place my past and my future in your loving, all knowing hands.  Help me to neither forget my past nor dwell on my past.  Help me to look forward and press on toward the things you have called me to.  Amen

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